Monday, November 5, 2007

"Why do I keep messing this up?"

"Why am I so lucky?"

What is the difference between these two questions? Obviously one is positive and one is negative, but dig a little deeper. One presupposes failure and the other presupposes success.

The second question makes you think of the positive things in your life-the good things that have come unexpectedly, or even expectedly.

Even if you feel you are not a lucky person, you will be tempted to answer this question, if not for at least a second or two.

Indulge yourself. Answer it.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

testing this

This is my test blog from my e-mail. 

Anything is easy once you do it once.  People know this so why do they continue to hold back from beneficial new endeavors? 

Because they haven't done it yet.  Keep this frame of mind all the time.  Do it once, then it's a cinch.

1.  Riding a bike.
2.  Surfing the internet
3.  Reading
4.  Sex
5.  Driving a car

Brevity=soul of w

The goal is to write shorter and better. People deserve value from every character.

I am learning to embrace this. Everyone loves to hear themselves speak. To get maximum impact, make it short and sweet, then drop a hook to their issue/interest.

Then let them take over. They will think you are brilliant and you will have better chance of getting what you want.

I hope to follow the brevity principle in this blog.

(Can you make this post shorter while maintaining its integrity? Let me know)